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10 Questions with Whitney Deal!

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10 Questions with WHITNEY DEAL

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  1. What are you favorite hair products? Do you have any hair care do’s and don’ts?

Since my hair has a very curly texture, some of my favorite products are; Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk(FANTASTIC smell by the way!), Pantene Pro V Ultimate 10 BB Cream, Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner, and Rock your Hair curl defining cream.

My favorite Do is keeping hair conditioned and moisturized. It avoids splits and drying out. If you’re like me that lives in a very hot climate, your hair will thank you for this. Trust me!

My biggest DON’T is washing your hair with shampoo every time. It seems to strip all the nutrients out of your hair, and can be harsh and damaging if used on a daily basis.


  1. What are the steps involved in your everyday skincare routine?

First I wash my face using an exfoliating scrubbing brush. (You know the one’s that spin) It helps to get all the extra dirt and oil buildups we accumulate throughout the day. Sometimes our fingers can’t dig out the extra makeup from that awesome girls night!

Then I put a thin, I repeat ladies THIN layer of Benzoyl Peroxide treatment and prescribed bacteria fighting gel from my dermatologist. Once thats done I wrap it using a moisturizer (always with sunscreen!), and we’re ready to go!


  1. How would you describe your “night out” look? Are there any specific lipstick colors you typically wear or do you change it up often?

My night out look is smokey eyes. I LOVE the dramatic and sexy embellishment it gives to my eyes at night! I usually am a “red” lip kinda girl. I love the edge it gives to my look. I usually will choose between these three colors; Sephoria Cream Lip Stain in “Always Red”, Kat Von D Studded Kiss LIpstick in “Hellbent”, or Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Cruella”.


  1. What makes you feel confident?

Confidence for me is not only looking good, but feeling good about who you are. Its a radiance that beams from the inside. I can have all the makeup in the world, but unless confidence is achieved from within, those products would be in vain. When I look good, it’s always because I feel good.


  1. Name the top 5 beauty products you cannot live without.


  1. Maybelline “Great Lash” Mascara
  2. Nars Bronzer in “Casino”
  3. Hard Candy “Stay in Line” gel eyeliner
  4. Nars Blush in “Taos”
  5. Maybelline “Brow Precise” shaping pencil

These five products can pull a classic yet natural look off anytime, especially for on the go. Just add a lip color and BAM!


  1. Who is your favorite beauty or style icon?

Rita Hayworth. Her beauty is effortless! Confession; I’m kind of obsessed with the old hollywood look, so I try it all the time! It’s simple and adds the right emphasis on our facial features, which makeup styles should do! I look to imitate Rita’s vintage look all the way down to hairstyles!


  1. Do you use any special facial masks or do any special treatments?

I LOVE facial masks! I often use the Freeman line since they have a large variety, and is always effective. My favorites are the Charcoal and Black Sugar  Polishing Mask, and the Dead Sea Mineral anti-stress facial mask. I did make the choice to visit a dermatologist, which was an awesome choice if you seem to be “Acne Stuck”. She prescribed to me Clindamycin Phosphate gel 1%, and Tretinoin gel 0.01%. They work outstanding wonders!


  1. Is there any product that you consider your miracle product?

My Proactiv Skin Purifying mask is definitely my miracle product! Twenty minutes is all it takes, and my skin whips right into shape! I also use it for a spot treatment for those last minute and stubborn breakouts. This product truly is a miracle, and works on fast miracle timing.


  1. Does your skincare routine change throughout each season?

I’ve found that consistency is golden. Not only for your skin, but health overall. I try my hardest to keep my routine the same so my skin doesn’t “freak out” then “break out” haha!

  1. Do you have sensitive skin, dry oily, or combination? What facial cleansers do you feel are best for your skin?

I have oily skin. Some may think it’s a curse, but the oil will eventually pay off in the aging stage, so fret not my oily skin sisters! It’s all about finding a product that will keep the oil contained, and I’ve found Proactiv + works well for me. It’s a new formula that is doing justice for my skin concerning the oil. Oh and if you don’t want something as strong, Clean and Clear foaming scrub was another product I found promising when it comes to maintaining oil control. Good luck!



Whitney Deal – Actress


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