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We HEART Liptiful Tools

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Joanna Shepard - Owner

Joanna Shepard – Owner

The Liptiful is a small cosmetic tool that enables the plumping of lips in a safe natural way. While the lips are slowly gaining the ability to add fluid over the period of two weeks; the 14 muscles around the mouth are being strengthened also because of the need to hold the tool on with lip muscle strength. There is no need to pull on the lips. The suction does all the work. After studying this topic for over six years; we believe our tool will be something anyone can use, even children. It is not just for healthy plumping. (Taken from

Mission Statement: To encourage those who would like more lip volume or who have poor circulation to their lips, and to also encourage those who struggle with proper lip closure or lip muscle weakness by giving them an affordable and fun way to strengthen those 14 muscles around the mouth. Our tool, with patient use and daily simple exercise can help you avoid costly lip injections or fillers or could help prolong the effects of your injections. Ask your doctor about this.



Here at Hairazzi we are huge fans of “Liptiful Tools”. It is a simple, effective, and less costly and non-invasive way to get the amazing lips you have always wanted! No botox, no fillers, no surgery necessary! It is all about the art of suction! Liptiful Tools, used a method called “Muscle Use Suction“. Liptiful Tools explains, “we designed a heavier clay tool to help it stick on instead of suck on. They are miracle muscles that you will see can grow over time and will for certain add lip volume that stays.”


See Kandee Johnson Transform James Corden into Barbie

Watch the hilarious video here


Liptiful Tools has a very dedicated and strong following such as celeb makeup artist & blogger Kandee Johnson who says she uses her Flower Power Liptiful every day. Miss. Virgina 2014, along with a handful of others! Liptiful Tools even has James Corden talking!


Here is what they are saying:

Miss. Virginia 2014

Miss. Virginia 2014

I’m crazy obsessed with my Liptifuls 🙂 I have one in my desk, one in my car, and one by my bed!! Toning my face and increasing collagen to my face while working?! I’ll take it! The strawberry is my favorite.  Miss Virginia 2014


My lips stayed plump all day from when I first used the tools for my look. They have volume and don’t look like shriveled prunes like normal.  They were even plump when I woke up the next day after plumping at night. Franceska Sageri


Miss Virginia 2012

Miss Virginia 2012

I have been obsessed with Liptiful ever since I was introduced to this product back in 2013. I’ve used it for 2 years now and love the confidence it gives me to have nice plump lips anytime I want without pain or cost of injections. It’s my go-to for plumping my pout! The Glam Belle YouTube/ Brandi Pope Miss Virginia 2012




Liptiful is such a great tool! The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of these lips tools is impeccable! They are so elite, and they work!! In my experience with Liptiful tools. I started using 11140414_818542701559018_782478054300889700_nthem back in early 2014. I used to get lip fillers to increase my lip size and stumbled across these tools one day and wondered if they really worked? I decided to give it a try as it was a much less expensive way to plump my lips plus give them natural muscle growth that would last! Over time my lips grew to LOVE the Liptiful… It truly does work. I haven’t had to get anymore lip fillers!!! I achieve long lasting lip plumping from using it only 30 seconds, that’s incredible! Not only is it cheaper, its fun and it’s healthy! I have noticed over time my lips have actually grown in size. Thank you SO MUCH Liptiful for inventing this amazing tool!. Shonna_ann






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    October 7, 2015 at 5:42 am

    this looks fun!

  2. Catie

    October 25, 2015 at 1:41 am

    this video is so funny! i have to get one of these!

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