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Q&A With Dawn Noelle Singer/Songwriter

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Tell us about yourself? What projects are currently working on?

I am an eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter, and I live the Houston area. I am a city girl who loves to express myself. Truthfully, I feel like a New York City girl at heart. Someday, I would like to move there. I have been a creative and artistic soul all my life. Expressing myself through my music and my passions for makeup and fashion has benefitted me in so many ways. I was bullied a lot throughout my childhood (middle school was the worst!), and all these art forms have helped me grow as a human being and realize my worth in this world.

My music tastes are not of the average 2016 young adult – I love 90s and early 2000s alternative rock music, especially the rocker chick era. I grew up in that era and was exposed to it so much. There has rarely been a time in my life when I wasn’t into female rock music. I looked up to Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Branch growing up, and I still do as much as I did then. I met Kelly Clarkson in November at the book signing for her new children’s book. She is incredibly sweet, down-to-earth, authentically herself, and super hilarious! The silly, giddy fangirl in me came out that day. It has been one of the best days of my life so far!!

Music-wise, I am working on writing more songs and improving my singing voice. I’m also putting emphasis on refining my talents for makeup and fashion, which I want to combine with my music to make an income.

Give us an example of your songwriting process.

I write over Skype with a Nashville based pop/rock singer-songwriter named Jenn Rykert. Jenn is such a rockstar. She’ll come into a session and play me a song, and we use it as a point of inspiration for a melody. Then we come up with a topic and play around with those ideas. This is how we wrote my new single “Daydreamer,” which I released in April. You can find and stream it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, GooglePlay – anywhere you can find music! It’s a win-win situation writing with Jenn because we have very similar musical tastes. We have been writing together for almost three years, and we are still rocking out!


IMG_4457Who are some of the artists that inspired you to pursue your career?

I love answering this question! Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Branch, Switchfoot, Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and a well-known songwriter named Kara DioGuardi are my core influences in pursuing my career. When I started out, I was a twelve-year-old girl who loved Taylor Swift, and she inspired me to write songs on guitar. I naturally write my songs from a deep place in my heart and soul – that aspect of my craft has been majorly influenced by Jon Foreman and Switchfoot. Avril and Paramore’s angsty powerhouse rocker girl style has brought inspiration to my voice, and it persuaded me to write guitar-driven rock music. Men aren’t the only rockstars – women can really rock too!! There are also rockstars out there that don’t have a negative or unhealthy vibe. Anyone has the power to be a true rockstar. I believe it’s crucial to have a positive energy about yourself, to encourage people to choose love over hate, and live a fulfilled life.


Describe your fashion style. Do you prefer jeans or dresses?

My preference depends on the day and my mood on that day. I own a lot of different types of bottoms – pants, skirts, jeans, leggings, shorts – and I also own a lot of dresses. Lately, I’ve been really into ripped boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans with rips in the knees, and contemporary trouser pants. I won’t ever buy a pair of jeans that are not ripped or high waisted, mid-rise at the lowest. I am a huge fan of fall clothing styles. It’s a challenge living in Texas and having such a penchant for fall fashion – haha. I am obsessed with neutral and autumn colors – mustard yellow is my favorite!! I also love almost anything leather. I am a major hat geek. I have so many hats that I have one to go with almost every outfit I own. Berets are my go-to hats – they make any look more classy and modern. Oh, and I cannot make a mistake and forget dark lipstick, winged eyeliner, eyeshadow, and BIG earrings!!

12239467_1068294726554944_6588824402098027044_nWhat are 5 makeup products you can’t live without?

I absolutely cannot live without my Milani anti-feathering lip liner. It’s the only lip liner I really need because it is transparent. If you’re like me and it’s hard for you to spend big bucks on makeup, this is the best transparent lipliner on the drugstore market. Your lipstick stays on all day when you wear this lipliner under it, and it works with pretty much every brand. Milani is sold at CVS, select Wal-Marts, HEB (if you live in Texas), and Walgreens. I would recommend this to anyone who wears lipstick frequently.

Another holy grail item is the New York Color liquid eyeliner in black. This is such an underrated product in my opinion. It comes with a brush, and it dries totally matte. It makes the perfect cat eye! Oh, and it’s only $2.00 to top it off. #ilovebargains.

I am totally obsessed with lipstick. I have way too many lipsticks in my makeup drawer, but I can’t ever live without a burgundy, a deep purple, and a greige (grey and beige mixed) lipstick, no matter what time if year it is. Milani’s Matte Fearless is my go-to deep purple, and it would be a hassle without that color in my drawer. Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Exorcism is my fave burgundy shade. I love it because it is not patchy at all! For greige colors, MAC Stone has stolen my heart.

In regard to eyeshadow, I can’t live without a rose colored palette or a neutral palette. I’m in love with the Morphe Brushes 35P palette – it has a lot of hues in that color range. It is full of dusty roses, purple hues, and cool neutral shades. If I only could bring one palette with me on a trip, that would be the one. If you’re looking for high-end quality shadows that won’t break the bank, Morphe is the way to go.

Sigh… eyebrow pencil. I love my eyebrows to be filled in and on the bolder side. Arches please!!!


How do you stay healthy? Do you stick to a particular diet or exercise routine?

Honestly, like pretty much every young person, I LOVE food. Even though I am a food lover, I usually keep my food habits in moderation. I don’t eat junk food too often. I drink almond milk instead of regular milk, and I try to limit sodas and sugars. The occasional junk food is acceptable for me, but I won’t constantly eat unhealthy. My mom raised me to be a healthy eater, so I learned at a very young age. I have a regular membership at my local recreation center, and I work out on the treadmills and exercise bikes. I am a highly energetic person, and exercising makes me feel more balanced

Name the one band/artist you would love to collaborate with.

Kara DioGuardi hands down. She is a well-known singer, songwriter, and producer in the pop and rock veins, more so behind the scenes (Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Christina Aguilera). I have legitimately fantasized about working with her ever since I began pursing music. I have really admired her and her work throughout the years, and it would be an absolute dream come true if I ever get the chance to work with her!! Meeting her would be a dream come true.


What can we expect from you in the near future?

I graduated high school this past spring, and it has definitely been a process adjusting to life after high school. I am planning to release new music within the next year. I know I will be recording a new single within the next few months, called “Feeling Now.” It’s a positive, rhythm-steady alt-rock song with edgy vocals and a raw sound. Think Paramore meets Ashlee Simpson meets 90s Sheryl Crow. I’m working on ways to combine my passion for music, makeup, and fashion. So stay tuned – this could get interesting! If you want to know more about me, check out my website at:




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